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A Day in the Life – Co-Oping, Fall 2018

Written by: Nick Kiefer, University of Cincinnati, Electrical Engineering, 2022 Working at Motz Engineering has been my first semester of co-op experience through the University of Cincinnati’s engineering program. So far my time here has been nothing short of excellent! It has been fascinating to learn so much about the MEP consulting process in such […]

Day in the life…

Written by: Chip Branscum, PE, LEED AP, Director of Engineering So, you wonder, what’s a typical work-day like for a consulting engineer?  Well, there’s no easy answer as there is no such thing as a “typical” day which makes this job one of the best in the world!  We work with many clients in the […]

Life as a Cx Co-Op

Written by: Joe Castenir, University of Cincinnati, Electrical Engineer, 2021 The main reason to co-op while in school is to explore different fields of your major. Motz Engineering provides this opportunity every day; it can range from doing an electrical design for the Cintas Center at Xavier University or a design review for a brand […]

I’ll have a Blue (Tree) Christmas, Without Incandescent Bulbs

Written by: Suzie Murdock This year, I plugged in my Christmas lights only to find that one strand – out of eight – would illuminate. Somewhere within each of the seven strands of light bulbs, there was a culprit incandescent. Before launching into the 2-hour afternoon project, I decided that enough was enough – I […]