Motz Engineering delivers optimal cost- and energy-efficient design by connecting deep scientific knowledge with our skillful understanding of applied engineering systems. This combination of skill and knowledge connects our full understanding of your building’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing requirements with innovative, reliable and affordable, best in class engineering solutions.

Our goal is simple: to make connections.

We believe that by standing shoulder-to-shoulder, with you, our valued client, we are able to connect with your challenges and understand your goals and distill the best options and cost effective solutions and deliver timely and efficiently engineered building systems. From concept to engineering and from design to construction, Motz Engineering is your advocate, ensuring that codes officials, design professionals and installing contractors connect the project requirements with the project scope, and deliver on project expectations.  Throughout your project, Motz Engineering provides oversite and inspections, and final confirmation that your project is commissioned and ready to deliver highly functioning systems that perform the building functions as intended.

Our Services

Mechanical Engineering

From installing cooling for a new server room to figuring out how to replace an inefficient central utility plant

Electrical Engineering

Concerns about where to locate bulky electrical switchgear or want to know how to choose lighting fixtures that meet code requirements that appeal to a finished space

Plumbing Engineering

Designing systems with the entire building in mind to help avoid surprises


Ensuring that new or existing facility operates at peak performance, Motz performs full evaluations of the electrical and mechanical systems and works with the design and construction team throughout the full commissioning process.

Fire Alarm

From small fire alarm projects to mass notification integration, we provide quality, comprehensive, code compliant systems for organizations

Fire Suppression

Applying engineering principles to protect people, property, and the built environment on hundreds of projects

SQL Logistics

SQL provides equipment procurement and logistics for typical and unique project requirements

Engineer Procure Construct | EPiC

EPiC provides agile project delivery methods and services to clients that have unique needs