84.51° New Corporate Headquarters

Motz Engineering was hired to complete LEED commissioning services to test and confirm that MEP systems operated per the owner’s requirements and the operation of the building was transitioned from construction to occupancy without issues. 

This new mixed-use development in the heart of downtown Cincinnati encompasses the headquarters for consumer analytics company 84.51°, street-level retail and underground parking. 

The 280,000 square foot headquarters space, designed to maximize productivity and staff engagement, is bathed in natural light. Office areas are organized into neighborhoods, centralized spaces or shared areas, with the majority of workspaces open-plan. Two full-height light canyons create visual connections across all five levels of the workspace, shortening travel distances between floors while drawing people together and encouraging collaboration. 

The penthouse chilled water system and dual air handlings units operate to provide conditioning to all open and closed building spaces. Motz worked throughout the construction phase of the project with Turner and continued to support the facility management once occupancy was achieve to become their preferred engineer.