Bon Secours Mercy Health Pharmacies

Motz Engineering delivered scope of work for Mercy Health Pharmacies from program of requirements through project closeout and training.

Our schedule of values and scope was based around our drawing evaluation of Mercy Health program requirements, validating systems, validating ventilation air requirements, validating energy code requirements for HVAC and lighting equipment, and equipment selections.

Motz Engineering worked with the construction manager and the mechanical and electrical contractors to verify delivered equipment matches the engineers drawing purpose and functionality. After performing pre-functional checklist and writing scripts for all of the equipment, Motz Engineering focused on testing the equipment and pudding they put it through its paces, to ensure equipment function correctly.

The pharmacy location was a space within a larger Mercy Health hospital campus. Therefore, the HVAC design conditions had to work within the spaces BMS system, but also be integrated into the campuswide controls as well. Motz Engineering had to coordinate between Mercy health project managers, mechanical contractors, and engineers to be able to commission the control system correctly.

Testing and air balance was performed on the space. Results were within range of acceptance in matched the engineers recommendations. After performing punch lists, motz Engineering worked with Mercy health staff to train them on the new control systems. It’s imperative that all facilities maintenance staff understands how to use their systems.