Orlando International Airport New GOAA Intermodal Terminal Facility

The GOAA Intermodal Facility (ITF) project includes preconstruction and construction services for a new transportation terminal that serves various modes of rail (including inter-city rail, commuter rail and light rail) and vehicle transport for the Orlando International Airport.

Motz Engineering worked directly with Turner Construction to coordinate and execute the commissioning of all MEP and Life Safety Systems. In order to deliver high quality commissioning reports, Motz developed the following:

  • Reviewed design and contract documents to develop a project Commissioning Plan.
  • Coordinated with the Owner’s Operations and Maintenance Manuals, as well as, the Engineer-of-Record to define specific training requirements for the project.
  • Created and maintained a Master Issues Log for issues / deficiencies.
  • Developed a Component Verification Checklist and distributed it to all Contractors for execution and completion.
  • Provided a 10-month warranty and walk through review of the building and report on any outstanding issues.
  • Assisted Turner Construction and the Greater Orlando Airport Authority Operations and Maintenance Manuals personnel to develop a Systems Manual for the HVAC equipment and supporting systems.
  • Year Complete 2019
  • Construction Cost $250 Million